Bridging the gap in Uganda's underserved communities

We are team of Youths that are passionate about Urban Developemnt

Who We Are

Cities Youth Initiative is a group of Youth Passionate about developing undeserved communities

We collect and analyse data about these communities and we partner with different organizations and institutions to ensure that these communities are also not left behind



We work hard towards achieving the following

Increase Awareness

To increase Awareness about the socio and economic statuses of these communities to potential stakeholders

Reliable data source

To Provide accurate data about these communities to different partners

Improve Standards of Living

To improve the socio and economic status of the people living in these communities

Expected beneficiaries

People interviewed


Youth Skilled


Why Data from Uganda's Slums Matters

Uganda has over 45m people with the largest proportion below the age of 35 (World Bank, 2023).

Among the youth aged 18 to 30 years in 2021, 41% were NEET (National Labour Force Survey, 2021)

Majority of these people are low income earners in the informal sector who earn about 2 Dollars per day to survive.

Insufficient accurate and comprehensive data on slum communities in Uganda has traditionally hindered adequate planning for slums.



Ages of the Surveyed People

  • The community is largely occupied by youth with the age bracket of 21 to 25 years taking the largest percentage

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Internet Usage for Smart Phone holders

  • The largest portion of the population stopped at high school level in their formal education with majority of the females having stopped after completing their primary education
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Education levels for the genders

  • 92% of the respondents had no knowledge about online websites that post jobs while 42% of them have smartphones. Of those that have smartphones 69% buy daily internet bundles
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Gender percentage make up

  • According to the survey responses, the Katanga Community has more women than men (63% vs 37%)

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Our hard working team

Akandwanaho Emmanuel

Team Lead

The good leader with a professional background in valuation surveying and marketing

Nagawa Michelle

GIS Analyst and Data Specialist

A data specialist with a professional background in Land Surveying and Geographical Information Systems

Judith Atukunda

Urban Specialist

A surveyor/Geomatics Engineer at LANDnet Uganda who specializes in research in various aspects of land governance

Edmund Walusimbi

Digital Work Lead

A skills development consultant, author, and TEDx speaker on “What young Africans really need to succeed!”

Ssentongo Mansoor

IT Lead

An IT Expert with over 8 years of experience in Information Technology

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